SC Live 4 screen freeze

I’ve had an SC Live 4 for about 6 months now and can’t say i’ve had much trouble with it other than occcasionally the “no leds light up until you push them” a few times (and Engine thinks the downbeat on 90% of my tracks is half a beat in)

But last night at a gig the entire screen froze, the track carried on playing underneath, but i couldn’t use the screen to load another track in, so had to just let it end, then reboot the SC Live 4 in front of a crowd with an hour of the event still left to go.

I can’t find anything on a quick search of the forum, so thought i’d post about it in case anybody else gets this so they know they’re not alone!

From now on, I’ll be carrying a backup music source to play something during a reboot just in case. But hopefully it was just a one off. I’ll look at my track history (if it saved) later to see if i loaded a corrupt mp3 and can recreate the issue by loading it again.

Not just the SC live 4, the prime 4 ( atleast mine ) had a screen freeze. Waiting of a fix.

Hello @micropizza,

Sorry to hear this. You can setup a support ticket here to determine if this is hardware based.

Best, Rob

Is there any logs I can retrieve from the unit to send you, or anything you can ask me to do to check the hardware via a ticket?

Like a crash log?

yes, i’m assuming if i set up a Support Ticket, some info will be required, but all i can say is what is above. I have since checked the library for what i played and played all the tracks that were around the time it crashed and they seem to play fine, so a bit stumped.

…but obviously worried it’s going to happen again at the next gig now.