SC Live 4 - poor wifi signal

Hi all,

Is anyone else experiencing low wifi signal on the SC Live 4?

I have a solid Asus router, installed around 3 meters away from where I use the controller, but still only ever seem to ever get 1 bar max of wifi signal. Even creating a wifi hotspot on my phone, directly next to the controller gets me a maximum of 2 bars.

I find downloading tracks from Amazon to be pretty slow, and am not sure if this is the issue?


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Have you tried connecting it by wire to the router and compare the download speed?

Hi Lukas,

Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately the SC Live 4 doesn’t have an Ethernet port.

But can handle a generic usb to lan adapter.

Thanks @NoiseRiser, I can maybe look at that option although it wouldn’t always be feasible to run a cat5/6 cable to the nearest router etc.

A big selling point for me was the wifi functuality, and if you were at a venue, would expect this to be a reliable built in wifi module.

Is anyone else facing similar issues?

I would never relay on a wifi at any venue. As soon as the room fills up with people that have cell phones, the wifi signal becomes very poor on any device.


Yes I had the same issue with mine when I moved house. I always had full WiFi signal on the SCLive 4 at my old house but when I moved I initially used the ISP provided router as I hadn’t got around to setting up my mesh system. With the ISP router (Now Broadband) sat 6 foot away from the SCLive 4 I would get 1 bar! on the Wifi icon. As soon as I set up the Mesh system (same position 6 foot away) I got the full signal back. - The strange thing was that the ISP router worked fine for everything else in the house, laptops/phone/smart devices.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys.

Will give another router a try, if that fails it might look like the unit may need returned.

you can get a portable hotspot and use the lan access on it so you don’t have to worry about locating a cat port on the wall. if you establish a connection to the cellular network (or the venues wifi) and keep the hotspot connected, then you have that bandwidth. a phone cant knock you off if you are already hand-shaked to a cell channel. if anything the last connecting cell phone wont get a channel to connect to the nearest tower ( which in this day and age is near impossible due to the way the cell service is designed).

there are a lot of jokers here who scoff at wifi but i use it exclusively and have had no issues. i bought a 4+ because of its pure standalone ability. just because im a junior poster here should not in any way dictate my experience level djin’…

it also depends on where you are in the world as some cities/locales have better cell coverage overall than others. im in LA and there is robust cell service here, so this is why i am comfy using it. i cant speak to other locations outside of the US.

so to circle back, get a portable router that has cat ports on it and a dedicated hotspot and compare the two. you can always find a shop that has a good returns policy so you can return the gear if it does not meet your needs. all the best mate!!


I have the same issue. Even when put the router just next to it. Any help here?

Try disabling 5gz on your router then see if its more stable on 2.4 maybe?

Thanks for the tip. That didn’t work. Also tried the hotspot from the phone and left it just above the controller and the signal is only 2 bars. Very weird stuff…

This is the same issues I experience. Not sure if it’s a poor quality wifi card in the controller?

I will try to do a downgrade later on to see if I can get any different results.

I had a few different Prime devices connect with a poor signal on the (absolutely awful) Now broadband box. I did a factory reset on my devices and it seemed to help but who knows if it was a placebo effect?

Their terms and conditions state the hardware shouldn’t be swapped out when connecting to their network but I’m unsure if it’s policed.

olá amigos estou encontrando a mesma dificuldade com sinal fraco na minha sc live 4 ! alguém tem mais dica de como melhorar isso ou alguém que teve êxito ? grato pelas informações já aqui publicadas

I had the same problem. I then took a look at the antenna. Well, it’s not very good, so I installed an external antenna, which works quite well, and reception is now very good. :slight_smile:

Swap it out for something decent but keep the original router for when/if you have a broadband fault, the provider can then use that for troubleshooting and not blame your hardware for the issue.

Ola a todos comprei um repetidor de wi fi para melhorar o sinal da controladora ainda nĂŁo testei no evento em breve posto aqui o resultado, o teste que fiz foi em casa configurei o repetidor de wi fi com o roteador ai liguei o repetidor via cabo rj45 de ethernet na controladora pela porta usb com adaptador usb para conector rj 45 ethernet

Where did you install an external wifi antenna?