SC Live 4 play/cue buttons unworkable. Nothing like Prime 4

So having bought a brand new SC Live 4, I found the Play and Cue buttons to be very inconsistent when pressed.

Thinking I was going crazy, I had a couple of friends confirm with me, sometimes you hit the button, it registers, other times you hit it with the same force, it doesn’t. The finger hitting the button makes a ‘tap’ noise, but the button doesn’t click.

So, I submitted a ticket to InMusic, it’s now been THIRTY DAYS and I haven’t had a response.

Being Processed | a month ago ## #217377 SC Live 4 - Play buttons will click when hit sometimes but does not register on unit

Thankfully I followed my intuition, and figured I would not be getting any help from InMusic on this. I since recorded a video of the issue and submitted it to my retailed, and after much back and forward, they have decided to accept the unit for a refund.

I have now bought a second hand Prime 4, and the Play and Cue buttons feel PREMIUM, metal-like (compared to the plastic pads on the SC Live 4), and much more similar to what I am used to with P* brand gear. Also the button registers easily each time I hit it!

The SC Live 4 was a decent unit, let down by some crappy hardware in a very important part of the unit. Really disappointing. And I’m really disappointed with the lack of customer support on this.

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Ok so funnily enough finally got a response from my ticket today, apparently someone was on leave. :person_facepalming: