SC Live 4 is great but useless

I get a new SC live 4 with great expectation because it has a lot of amazing features : WI FI streaming, usb & SD card ports, Lighting Engine Control…wow ! What a great controller! But wait !!! All those features you can use it only in Stand alone mode ! What ?! Denon, why in the name of God you do that ?
I’m a Serato user since 2012 so i don’t want to switch to Engine Dj . In my opinion, SC Live 4 with Serato or other Dj Software on channel 1&2 and Stand Alone Mode with those great features on channel 3&4 will be a masterpiece ! Till then, i sent it back to Thomann. Regards

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Because Denon gear so far is all for STANDALONE operation - this is the overall idea. You should do Your research before judging the device or buying it.


Denon is not Serato. Denon is Denon and Denon makes standalone gear with features for standalone users. Your suggestions should be directed to Serato.

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which among other things displays some really poor data on the display, have you seen what vdj does?

I’m not judging . There is no point , to have all those features and can’t access it when use dj software. Is a simply choise, if i want a standalone controller, i buy one. If i want a dj software controller, i buy one. Is pointless to have a dual controller and can’t use both functions togheter. Denon should have tell us in presentation : you can’t use both function in same time ! Where they say that ?!

Then one should be making suggestions to the software maker to incorporate those features.

Can someone please close this obvious troll threat? Christmas surely can’t come soon enough.

Btw I like my SC Live 4. Because I checked ahead what it can deliver and what not.


We all know, that Standalone features are available when device is in STANDALONE mode. So don’t expect them in controller mode.

Marked as solved. I’m not even going into details. I’ve stopped reading after the word “useless”.



We all know, that Standalone features are available when device is in STANDALONE mode. So don’t expect them in controller mode.

Where Denon say that in presentation video of SC Live 4 or in official page of product ?

Hey, the testing and implementation of all these features for Serato would be enormous. You would have to retest everything if Serato updates his software. And some things will not work because serato and denon are not one company. Even if they would test it, it would increase the price of the software and the controllers. Than people do come and ask why it is so expansive. Since i work in IT i know how tricky it gets if you connect two different systems, when they are not specifically build together. Wouldnt it be easier to get just a controller, than a standalone unit. Samething with using SC6000 or CDJs for Serato, dont get the idea behind this.

Otherway around. Its a denon product with Serato compatibility. Did Denon state, that these features are available for Serato or VDJ?

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It’s not a controler. It’s a standalone unit that can be used with Serato. Maybe some 30 seconds reading before buying would have been useful.


I took the first 4 because I thought there were a thousand euros hidden in the SSD slot! but I didn’t find them! you shouldn’t be more specific! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Well, on their website???

First line says literally: “Standalone DJ Systems”

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