SC Live 4 Engine feature request

Hello there, I picked up a SC Live 4 this week and I’m having a lovely time so far.

I have one feature request though, might it be possible to look at adding dedicated EQ settings for the booth out/inbuilt speakers to the software?

The speakers on the unit are surprising punchy for what they are, however I’d love the option to boost the bass and shape the top end a bit whilst keeping my channel EQs flat for the master and record out.

If that’s something you can easily add then you’ll have one more even happier customer :slightly_smiling_face:


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Make a feature request in the Feature request section, so people can vote on it.

Haha, ayup - same here. Have to turn the Low EQ at around 3 o’ clock to make it sound warm and rich. Nice for fun Hifi-background listening, but less so for mix recordings :wink:

This would get my +vote.

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