SC 6000 M + DJM S11 + Serato DJ

Hi, I’m a new Denon user.

I am delighted with my SC 6000 M.

I have bought a DJM S11 mixer and would like to know if anyone has it and uses it standalone.

The pads can only be used for FX but can you combine several at the same time? For example a reverb and an echo?

On the other hand, in case of connecting to Serato DJ, if I have an internal hard disk in SC 6000 M could I acquire the songs from there?

Thank you very much and sorry if my questions are absurd.


@mufasa is your man on this! :wink:


I have the set up

Not that I’m aware off.

Yes when you switch to controller mode any disk connected to the 6000m is accessible by the computer (serato) except the SD card

Better to ask


Thank you very much for your comments.

The S11 sounds amazing. I don’t know how they managed to make the sound more pleasant.

I’ve had the 900 Nexus 2 and I find the S11 has a clearer sound. Maybe that’s just my impression.

The problem I detect is that if you use the mixer standalone you lose a lot of possibilities.

I bought the SC 6000 M to avoid the DVS and the computer.

It would have been nice to be able to use the S11 mixer pads for Samples or to combine several FX at the same time by clicking on several pads…

You can’t have everything…

I have a DDJ XP2 and with it you can use several FX at the same time touching the pads. it’s a wonder.


Well it makes sense with these midi mixers that the standalone operation is only a backup option.

Some Rane mixers don’t even have the option to read the BPM of music going in on the RCA (line/phono) inputs, now that is a serious loss of possibilities.

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Another problem I detect is that you can’t save the FX bank in the FX part of the software…

That is to say, every time you turn on the table you must configure the FX again to your liking. Is this true?


Yes that’s the only question mark with such a fine mixer

Probably they will release MK2 with the ability to recall the FX in standalone

One of the reasons I didn’t like the 72 and returned it

I barely tolerated it with the 62

I have the same set up that you.

Do you use the S11 standalone mixer? What do you do that you configure every day the fx?

It’s a big ■■■■ up from Pioneer Dj.

Maybe they can fix it in an update?

It’s a shame, after having 750mk2, 900nxs2 and Xone96 without a doubt the S11 is my mixer. It has a fabulous sound.

I had bought the SC 6000 M to forget about the DVS and the Computer but I think that with this mixer the best thing to do is to connect it to Software.

Same setup and love it! The only thing that really bugs me on the S11 side is the absolute lack of saving your settings in standalone. It loses them everytime you power down. They say they have a firmware coming that addresses this but I’ll believe it when I see it.

The other point to consider is our Prime players will (hopefully) gain new features in the future maybe lessening some people’s concerns going standalone.

I love the setup!

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