SC 5000M updates - questions


I’ve an oppurtinity to buy 2 SC5000M and a X1800 on a very good price (New!).

Will there be updates / support / improvements in the future? I will use it with serato (first) and then i want to evolve to engine prime (no laptop on performance).

I do weddings/ company events en want to take the set with me. Prime 4 is also an option but i think i prefer the big set.


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Hello @Kurt.pke Welcome to the forum.

Updates for the SC5000’s are constantly developed and bring the same set of features as for SC6000’s.

When was the last update?

Official, or Private beta? Beta testers are very busy with the newest update…

No good to the rest of us though is it?

All we see from here is nothing happening. For months on end.


Everybody’s gotta wait for the next update including the beta testers also.

With new features comes new bugs and unfortunately we gotta wait till most get sorted out.

And wait we do. They really need to take care of the glaringly obvious issues first and then the Beta bells and whistles.


I hope the new features and fixes are worth the wait.

We know dual waveforms are coming with the ability to plug in add ons to the deck.

Yeah, but are they getting sorted? 1.5.2 is randomly restarts for almost everyone here, we all running 1.4 because of this… 1.6 is on the way for over 6mo? I don’t know I’m a bit disappointed with this. At least the X1850 got two updates in this period. Kinda looks like Denon left the SC5000 behind, Idk about the 6000-did those get updates recently?

The same update is for all players. No one is left behind.

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I have doubts that they shippin the sc6000 with a restart bug… do they? And well if I would be the release manager, I would aim for more often release with bugfixes. 1.5 is useless now. No one will use it if it randomly restarts the player.

1.5.3 is the newest for SC6000 and it is stable…

not on SC5000 :slight_smile: Read the forum, endless guys confirmed it does restart randomly. Edit: And for SC5000 the latest is v1.5.2

I have SC5000, running 1.5.2 on it, never restarted. Just works perfectly fine for 3 years now.

Then you are lucky. I can reproduce it easily, on two players. Super stable with 1.4, 1.5 is failing badly. And I’m not alone based on the forum.

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New firmware updates are now available for prime mixers.

Even the discontinued one.

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already updated to 1.3 - but the mixer is rock solid for long as I see

Just ordered 2x sc5000m + x1800 I’m curieus and excited.
Now hoping for no issues, problems,…

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I would of chosen the x1850 instead of the x1800.

I have 1 x 5000m + x1850 and I’m happy.

It was a (late) promotion. Buying 2x SC 5000m - get a x1800 for free. total cost: € 2199.