SC 5000 can i use one usb stick without the x1800 mixer

SC 5000 can i use one usb stick on both players without the x1800 mixer. If I Connect the LAN output from player one on go directly to play two would the USB from Player one show the files in Player two

Yes it’s possible to link the players directly to each other and use 1 stick over network

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Thank you so much I sold my pioneer xdj 1000 & xdj 700 my sx & sz only thing is left is the ergo & the djm s9 mixer

I was just about to ask this very same question. It’s good to know that you don’t necessarily “have” to use the X1800 to get this kind of connectivity!

Kudos for how the forum will give you suggestions to other discussions that are similar to the topic that you are considering asking about. Bravo! I wish every forum worked like that!!

But I would like a confirmation on whether you can “directly” connect the SC5000 players to one another without the need for a switch/hub. Addie’s answer was a little confusing…

The way that was written seems like it still requires a hub to establish a connection (“network”). Can I please get some clarification?

Hi Avenger, Yes you can connect 2 players directly to each other without the need for a hub or switch.


Thank you!!! Great news!