SC 3900, DNS 3700, MC6000, traktor timecode not working


Alright after consulting some people on the forums, i’ve been advised to buy traktor audio to simple things out.

Right of now, 8 hours into trying, i’m a few steps from throwing everything out the window.

My setup: 1 DNMC 6000, 1 Traktor Audio 6, 1 DNS 3700, 1 SC 3900, traktor scratch pro, hybrid midi. What i’m trying to do - 2 channel deck, timecoded, preferably that the mixer will be on INTERNAL mod for trakor, this one isn’t a must tho.

I got my 3700 & 3900 routed to traktor audio 6 ins, and the outputs next to them routed to my mixers line1 and 2.

Traktor settings - Tried basically everything i could think of. My nearest success was setting up

Traktor Audio 6 as the audio card in the interface. But something is really wrong - My channels are ALL messed up. Cues dont play (or do play when on internal). But then when on Internal - all outputs seem to go threw one channel. Aka if i close one - everything is closed. I’ve tried setting the matrix on the mc6000 from midi to lines, i’ve tried pretty much everything. P.S. TIMECODE worked with all settings, its just the audio outputs seem not to work properly. How can i line them up? If Traktor was set on Denon DJ ASIO, i could chose the outputs. But when setting the Traktor Audio 6, i cannot edit that.

From literally having all simple in my head it has become my worst nightmare. I’m confused :?

To simplify - when traktor is on Internal mode, all the problems accure. Just found out that if i put it on external and just use the mc as a mixer it works. But i want it on internal so i can still use all of its midi mappings for fx and filters.


If you use traktor on INTernal mode, then there is a little switch on back of mc6000 that must be set to ‘pc mix’

If you want to let the mc6000’s hardware mixer mix then traktor EXTernal mode is matched to the other setting on that switch (mc6000’s ‘internal mix’).

Hope this makes sense to you.

DJ Boothe Do you hear nothing from deck 1 or deck 2 or deck 3 or deck 4 Or. Do you hear something from all the decks but not on the “correct” faders as you’d prefer eg: do you hear deck 1 but only when you move fader number 3 etc? Or can you hear 2 decks but not the third deck and not the forth deck? Or…something else?


Maybe a few screenshots of your configuration may help?


No sound output at all. Its like i cant set the output properly. Ill probably buy when i have the money, id just like to use the current setup for practice for now…

P.s thanks to the Denon guy and Dj Double A, helped me so much during the crazy illogical times when lost all faith. Haha

There was actually some setup i tried which faders were mixed as you said, aka every fader did weird stuff


Let me try and explain why I said about the internal mix / pc mix switch.

If you set traktor to ‘INTernal mix’ it will internally mix the channels. This means they will be added and mixed together BEFORE it leaves traktor. So what you describe as having all the channels on one fader is the normal, expected and correct behaviour because it is the master signal (mixed by traktor).

The hardware setup you describe requires the ‘left deck’ and ‘right deck’ output to be separate so that the mixer mixes them. To achieve this you must set traktor to external mixing mode, eg left deck = ch1/2 out, right deck = ch3/4 out. This will send a stereo signal on 1/2 (line 1 into your mixer) and a separate stereo signal on 3/4 (line 2 on mc6000). The mc6000 must also be in ‘INT mode’ so that it knows it is mixing the signal (not traktor).

This setup still allows use of traktors effects, if for example you press filter for left deck and twiddle things the effect will still be applied to the left deck as it leaves traktor, just the left and right decks signal will be separated for the mixer to ‘add’ them together. This also means you will need to disable the crossfader in traktor or press the CF mode button to video only every time so it doesn’t kill the other channel volume - otherwise you won’t be able to pre-listen with the headphones.

This guide may also be of use if you haven’t seen it already … udio-10-6/

Hope this helps you understand what I mean a bit better, as the mc6000 is still a great little bit of kit for its size, and a little understanding is all you need to be out there making the most of it! Enjoy.