Saving 'Prepare' playlist, and track search issue

After trawling through a large trance file last night, and selecting various tracks using the ‘shift+select knob press’, I’d like to save the whole prepare list as a playlist. Can this be done at all, as I cant find any options in the prepare screen other than to remove the whole list, or change the play order.

Also, how do you search for tracks in individual usb folders? When I press search (for example on usb 1), it only searches played before tracks, NOT the entire usb folder. My one folder has hundreds of tracks in, which isnt ideal, when I cant find and select from it.

Thanks in advance, S.

Prepare list is only a momentary list that is for putting tracks for a moment aside. Treat it like You look thru vinyl collection and dig out some nice tracks that you leave for a moment sticking out from the others but only half way so You can find them fast. If they stick out too long or getting played then hey go back to the crate, and You need to dig for them again. I think crossing 30 seconds time with playback of the track will mark it as played and will delete that track from the prepare list. It was already discussed many times:

That is indeed the purpose - but don’t you think it would be advantageous for the list to show in EP if you happen to create one that doesn’t get emptied? It is in the database…somewhere.

IMO it should show in EP the same way as crates and playlists, so you can see it, edit it and perhaps even save it as a crate/playlist.

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It would be nice, but now it is not possible. Check for feature request for this, or make a new one if not made yet.

@mr-s Recently I received some useful advice on how to use the Prepare List and the purpose for which it is dedicated. Look here

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