Saved loops prime 4

Hi all. Thank you for advice on my previous question about adding music to my prime 4.

The new update mentions saved loops. Does anyone know how to add them, I watched a video from denon but wasn’t sure what I push to make a loop save!

Is it in the prime 4 using it as standalone or do I need to go into the engine/pc to save them in there?

Please answer as a beginner as that is my standing at the moment ! I just want the loop to save so I don’t have to add it each time I play the track

Thank you for all your help in advance

Thisis very simple. On Prime 4 You push LOOP button above the pads. Than make a loop (can be done for example by using loop encoder) Push an empty (dark/unlit) pad to save the loop on that pad.

NOTE: Pushing the LOOP button second time will enter auto loop length mode - each pad different length of the loop.

Thank you. Will this now save to the track for the next time it is played ?

Yes, the loops will be there when You load the track again later.

Thank you for taking the time to help me

You’re welcome.

Also I can add, that, the loops that You save in Engine prime, also will be available on the Prime 4 in the same place (LOOP button above the pads), if You export the songs with saved loops in them.

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Thank you very much

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