Sandisk Extreme SSD 2TB with Macbook pro M2 issue

Just sharing

I have a 2 tb SanDisk SSD which I have owned for about a year without any issues. I previously used it with an Intel MacBook pro (2017).

I have moved to a 2023 M2 Pro MacBook pro and I kept getting random disconnect notifications. Did all the usual troubleshooting gymnastics, but still no dice.

I have returned the SanDisk (which they are refunding) to Amazon and purchased a Samsung T7. I have had the T7 plugged in for hours now…no disconnects (touch wood)


Samsung T7 are very reliable and fast. More than 1200 mb/s on CristalDisk Mark. I have the shield model (with silicon armour reinforced) and I think I’m gonna buy another one.

I’m still rocking a pair of the Samsung T5’s (one 500gb & one 1Tb), & they’ve been faultless.

I’ll have jinxed them now. Watch them both die in the next day or two! :wink:

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They were charging €20/30 more for the rubberised version before I bought the aluminium t7.

Just after I got shipping confirmed, they dropped the price of the rubberised one to €5 cheaper than the original T7.

Amazon doing Amazon things


I still have an old T3 500gb as well, it’s cold storage for some Resolume visuals.

:joy: Better not to say you how much I paid for it while black friday… + Samsung promo !

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I went with the Samsung and it had not failed me yet.

Keep that information to yourself :joy:

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Waiting for clearance sales to buy another one :joy: