Sandisk extreme 250 GB portable SSD?

HI all, I am having trouble using the drive, I have formatted the drive to FAT 32 when I am using prime I load my songs on the sandisk to get it ready for my MCX8000 I am using it in stand alone mode I plug it in the USB slot either 1 or 2 but dose not show up on screen. All it saying is no name and when I select on it saying folder but can not open it. Help

There’s a few people using ssds on all sorts of music devices and finding that there’s not enough power given out by usb 2.0 ports to power the ssd.

Does the ssd have a connector jack for external power to be run into it from a power supply box adaptor?

There is no power outlet. Any idea what I could do to make it work?

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You could try a wall/socket powered usb hub and a usb Y adaptor. That would give the drive two feeds of usb power

This is a USB 3.1 device. If your computer does not have a USB 3.0 or 3.1 port, you will need to use a powered hub.

I’m using this exact drive except the 500GB version with my 8k and it’s flawless. No extra power just plug it in and go, zero problems. In fact it’s easily the best drive I’ve plugged into the 8k in regards to speed and reliability. If it’s not working for you, either you have a defective drive or something in your prep is wrong.

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It’s sometimes the case that larger memory ssd drives need more power

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Are you plugging the SanDisk SSD to stand alone mode using either USB 1 or USB 2 on the front of the mcx8000? Maybe I have to reformat it again funny because when I plug it up into my computer through Prime software it reads.

Hi! yes i’m using standalone and can plug into either usb1 or usb2 and it works great. When prepping your music in engine prime, are you remembering to hit the “export to mcx8000” button at the bottom of the pane after you’ve dragged your music to the drive?

Well that’s good news so it must be something I’m doing wrong how did you reformat the drive or program? Also did yours come with a cable and an adapter?

Yes mine came with cable and adapter. I’m using Mac OS and format FAT32 in Disk Utility. Are you hitting the “export to mcx8000” button in engine prime after you’ve moved your music to your drive?

you may fine prime is not prepping the tracks correctly, i had an issue a couple of weeks ago, loaded everything onto my drive, pressed the export to mcx button it did it’s thing and nothing worked on the mcx, and when i plugged the drive back into prime nearly every track was red or ‘missing’ i had to wipe the drive again and load one folder at a time then export to mcx, took a lot longer to load the drive but it worked.

No need any “Y” adapter… This SSD working perfectly with MCX8000 without “Y” cable.

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Hi everybody Happy Holidays,

what is the largest hard drive the mcx8000 can take into the usb slots size wise?

I believe it’s 500 gig👍

I recently read somewhere that the mcx8000 can handle 2TB usb thumb drive or hard drive.