Samsung EVO 870 SSD not visible

Hello, The SSD (870 EVO/ 1TB) Format: exFat. Connected to my Laptop via USB using the Computer Mode. Its shown up in Windows as P: Prime and also in Engine Prime. I can transfer my Music and Playlists with the Sync Manager everything fine. After ejecting the Prime SSD and go back to Standalone the SSD isnt visible on my Prime 4. My USB Stick with exFat works fine for example.

I checked everthing a few times now and have no clue whats the Problem. Maybe the SATA Cable inside is broken?

The SATA cable inside is used whether it’s in standalone or computer mode.

What is the current size of the database files?

Ah yeah right ofc it must be the same cable. Its just a small Playlist around 1gb.

Is it formated with a MBR partition table? I guess GPT is not supported

Its was formated as GPT i switched now to MBR but still the same issue.

does the drive mount on the computer when the Prime4 is in controller/computer mode and connected via Blue USB cable to laptop?

You should be able to see all the Prime 4 storage in the computer

yeah i can see everything on the Drive. I connected the SSD now while the Prime 4 was running and it shows me the error that its the wrong format. On my Laptop its exFat which makes no sense to me. Somehow i cant fromat the Drive with Windows itself only in NTFS. I used 2 Programs like AOMEI already.

Somehow your computer thinks the Prime4 SSD is not an external drive. Check the bios if the USB port is set as removable.

Just to confirm here, there is only one partition on the SSD you are using for the Prime4? When you used Aoemi, did it take a while to format? If not, it’s probably just doing a quick format. It’ll take about 5-10 minutes for a full format on a 1TB Samsung SSD.

You can also attempt completing a full wipe using Samsung Magician.

OK, my PC thinks its a local storage and not an external drive. But i found nothing in BIOS to configure my USB Hubs. I formated the SSD in exFAT/MBR and it tooks about 20 mins with Windows. EDIT: The USB STICK on my Prime Works fine and its removable. Its using the same USB Cable ofc.

You could try formatting with DISK UTILITY if you have access to a Macbook Pro.

I have two 860 EVO (4tb) and have no problems with the disk with Engine Prime or Windows.

Are you using USB C to connect the SSD to your computer? or standard USB Type A

USB A to USB B 3.0. I have also no Problems with the Disk in Engine Prime or Windows. I can sync. Songs/Playlists… But my Prime 4 only detect the USB Stick under Sources. Because the SSD is not removable somehow.

Windows will see any drive connected via a SATA bus as an internal drive regardless of if it has a USB host bus in between them or not. This should not be related to your issue.

Download Mini Tool Partition Wizard and format to FAT32 or exFAT as MBR. It should get you going.

I tried that Tool already more then once nothing changed. I guess i will exchange the Evo im pretty annoyed. Thanks all for your Time and Help.

This has, IMHO, nothing to do with the drive. There must be a USB non-removable or other setting in the bios that marks or sets an external drive as permanent or internal.

I also use an EVO in my SC6000; no problems. Used it in a Prime4 as well. And even had a QVO in Prime2.

If you connect the 970EVO to the Prime4 via standard USB (usb enclosure or sata to usb adapter) does it work in the prime4?

Minitool partition wizard has worked for others with the same drive. Do you have the same issue when formatting to fat32?

Could you try and power cycle Prime4 one extra time when going back to standalone?

Oh and what motherboard type or pc do you have?

MSI Gaming M7 Mainboard - Win10. Tried everything. Power Off and On again nothing. Its wired that there is no Error msg but if i connect the SSD while the Prime 4 is running it tells me to format the Drive.

There is a built in command line utility in Windows 10 called DISKPART. It’s a powerful utility, so understand it well before you use it. Here are the details: