Sampler Idea

New to the Denon community and loving my Prime Go. The only thing I’m really wishing I had that my other controllers have is a sampler. I was thinking of getting a stand alone sampler such as the Akai MPX8. I was wondering if it is routed to the AUX in would it work with both decks running tracks off of my external hard drive or would it take over one deck?

Also thinking I could route through one of the mic channels.

The reason I want to do it this way is to limit what I have to plug in to the soundboard at the club and also to be able to record sets on to the Prime Go and have the sampler pads in use. Hope this all makes sense.

Hello @omgthatshymnn, Welcome to the forum. Before posting please use a search function. Sampler idea was already posted long time ago and there is ongoing live discussion there. Take a look around and join us there.

From my point of view (full dj setup gear) I wanted to add a sampler as well and made a concept with complete workflow and documentation.

Have a sneak peek on my idea here:

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