Same song different BPM?

24hrs - What You Like

Downloaded from “BPM Supreme”

Clean - 70

Instrumental- 70

Dirty (A capella) - 140

Dirty - 140

Analyzed through Serato

Why would it double?


I set this the same in every program I use. Not sure why this one was any different. First time it happened to me.

Any advice on how I can change the tempo Manually?

It looks like it just isn’t the same track. Not only BPM and key are different, but cue color isn’t the same either.

Need to select the tempo range before analysing or loading if using stream services.

It is a normal occurrence if you don’t assist EP, EOS analysis Engine.

Lets take a Genre like DNB, some folks say its 160-170 bpm, others say its 80 - 85

Pot-a-toes, Pot-ah-toes me thinks!

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Track is loaded from USB in the screenshot. Could be BPM range setting per unit, but that doesn’t explain the cue color difference.

Left is the instrumental (last letter seen in track name). The right one, I don’t know.

I feel like Sherlock, but to me they are different tracks. Even if they have the same name.

It is full track and instrumental.

Ah okay, not the same track, but a different version of the same song…

Agreed, the algo could have been better, but it’s “half way” there! :wink:

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I say 2 different tracks as the bottom wave form looks totally different. Deck 1 has many breakdowns and deck 2 looks solid with a breakdown at the end.

Anyways it’s got it right it just felt deck 1 had a more of a looser beat. It’s just music being music :grin::hugs: it was created to be heard and not seen.

If it is exactly half you can do a times 2 or divide by 2 on the player by press and hold LOAD. Otherwise use Engine Prime.

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This opens up some awesome ideas with transitioning between songs. Thanks for the tip!

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I know this is an old subject. I just realized I never tried the press and hold LOAD to half tempo until right now. When I press and hold LOAD it just brings up Grid Edit. How is this done?

You should see a /2 or something like that.

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Ahh Found it and it works. Done. Thanks.

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