Running 2 or 3 Laptops on a SC5000/1800 set

Hi There, Can anyone answer my question:

Is it possible to run 2 or 3 laptops on a SC5000/1800 set? With use of the Denon Engine Prime DJ Software. (the X1800 has only one laptop CAT5 connector)

The reason: This way we can use 2, 3 or more dj’s on a SC5000/1800 set. Ideal for clubnights with multiple DJ’s.

With the pioneer stuff it’s possible for almost a decade. Can’t find anything on youtube

Please let me know. I am this close of buying a denon set.

Thanks in advance Regards Walter

Engine Prime is not DJ software.

The idea behind the Prime series is that they’re used standalone - no computer. DJs play directly from flash drive/SD card etc. - not the computer.

Thanks to the multiple USB ports per SC5000 (3 USB ports and an SD card Slot on each deck, so 6 USB ports and 2 x SD card slots on a pair of sc5000, so DJ hand overs are easy - DJs can just plug their USB sticks into any available usb slot

The layers also aid hand overs

I understand what you mean. Perfect for dj’s who play 1,2 OR 3 hout sets.

But. I play allround. I need a lot of music. I use a USB stick with most played tracks. Perfect for small gigs.

On my laptop i have An archive of 350.000 tracks. This is for requests etc. I need instant access to my laptop when playing.

Let me ask differently: When i connect my laptop with engine software to the x1800 using cat5 and connect 2 sc5000’s to the x1800 also using cat5. Can i play the music directly from my laptop?

We’ve already told you. Engine Prime is not DJ software. You play the music directly from the hardware.

You can also plug in a hard drive. There’s no limit to the number of tracks.

As said above, no. The software is not yet able to control the players that way. Serato is an option using the 2 USB ports on the mixer.

In NL the 4G coverage is quite good, so depending on the music style, you could try streaming from Tidal or Beatport directly accessible from the players with WiFi hotspot to your smartphone.

However, I would prepare beforehand and put those 350k tracks through Engine Prime using a TB external disk. It takes some more time, but you can ditch the laptop during performance.

Instead of a usb stick, use a usb hard drive or usb ssd.

Perfect - no laptop needed at gigs, just all your music on an ssd - the screens and searching, sorting, filters, playlists, crates etc mean it’s perfectly usable for hundreds of thousands of tracks on a usb drive , all instantly searchable - no laptop needed anymore

The perfect solution for me wil be a streaming option to my Dropbox and/or stackstorage account. Soundcloud, tidal etc is a paid subscription. Don’t like that.

Wil there be something like that coming up??

Rekordbox free is not “DJ Software” but can do this

Previous Engine can do this function as well.

Vote here for the feature.

No, not like rekordbox or the old engine software

Thats a solid option, i will advise SSD.

Not yet but it has been requested as well so vote for it


…but we’re not talking about Rekordbox, or Pioneer equipment. He’s asking if it’s possible with Denon SC5000 and Engine Prime.

I was only making a comparison.

Apples for Apples?

He is coming from Pioneer as he clearly states.

I’ve read posts with regards to the forum environment

Take this guy for example doing his research before investing

He asks a simple question but the next 3 or 4 posts were people lecturing him whilst not giving him a straight answer lol. Basically telling him to change his usual workflow at the drop of hat to use the primes.

The first post to directly answer his question was

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And Windows 10 for Windows 10? Lol

No. Providing facts. The post from Reece was not the first to answer his question. Mine was.

Besides, posting a question here is not (IMO) “doing research”. He could have found an answer by watching videos, reading manuals, using Google… IMO he took the easy way out.

There was a guy recently whose first post on here was asking if there was a soft case for the Prime 2. He could have found that info by typing a few words into Google.

Also I’m not sure your info on Rekordbox is fully up to date, as I remember many CDJ users complaining that they were now expected to pay a monthly fee to use Rekordbox. If they could just use the free version to link up their CDJs why would they complain?

No sir. No sir.

There are two ways to connect rekordbox to CDJS

One is via rekordbox performance mode (just like using virtual dj etc)

The one OP is asking for is the Link Export Mode. There are no virtual decks on screen. No performance features. Basically you are using the laptop as one huge hard-drive but with the benefit of being able to manage, type, edit grids and do more things at the same time.

This feature remains free with rekordbox 6

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Thanks. I am now a wiser man.

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A “link/export mode” for prime engine would be perfect for me. I think Denon can do ths by a software update

You should maybe consider buying SC6000s, because they can have internal hard drive/SSD. Plenty of room for large music collections.

The Prime series is very easy to use without a computer. You can even connect a USB keyboard (not possible with Pioneer).

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I agree. They are aware of the feature request.

I believe the old Engine was even able to do this over wireless LAN or something like that

@PKtheDJ here is a demonstration

Denon Engine


After reading al the comments, What is the purpose of de “pc cat5” connector on the back of the x1800?

You plug in your laptop using cat5 and then what? Can anybody clear this up?