Rounding off BPM

Just wondering if people round off the BPM, I mainly mix drum&bass and some tracks analyse as having random decimals, such as 174.05 for example. Do you leave is as that or would you round off to 174? Cheers

Rounding off is bad for Beatmarching

If you have a track at 143.05 and a track mixing into it at 143.06 the two tracks will need frequent nudging or Down dabs to stay level with each other.

So, if either is visually rounded down to 143, you wouldn’t know they’re different and would drift


My answer would be that relying too heavily on the BPM analysis is bad for beat matching (or even marching :flushed:).

Tracks don’t necessarily stay the same all the way through. The analysis is just an average.

Tiny differences like 0.01 of a BPM are not going to make a significant difference when mixing tracks. The tracks will still stay in sync for a considerable time if they’re that close. Don’t worry about it.

Advice from the old school - use your ears :+1:


Hmm then is tottaly gonna give you a hard time … all mixer know that 174 BPM in Drum and Bass is still to slow :crazy_face:

But both Antchi and PKtheDJ have a valid point then it comes to BPM and Rounding up or down the BPM.

Cheers mate, only just gone digital from 2 technics so using ears isn’t an issue, more out of curiosity if it’s an actual bpm change or if it is a miss read of the bpm

OK so the difference with digital vs vinyl is that there’s a beat grid. The beat grid is what tells the kit what the BPM is. Therefore if you want sync to work properly and FX to be in time, the beat grid has to line up with the beats of the tracks as closely as possible.

It won’t affect mixing by ear but for BPM readout, sync and FX timing it’s important.

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Don’t round off the BPM analysis in Engine Prime, unless you’re absolutely sure that the analysis is wrong. If the grid is not on point in the track (as in the track drifts by itself), try the 1.6 beta to “flex” the grid.