Rough Waveform Scroll / Stutter with EngineOS 2.3.0 & 2.3.1

Same issue here.

Not a nice bug to notice just as I’m starting to play a live set. Another thing I noticed was that the lower waveform image seemed to be half resolution compared to the upper waveform? Like pixel graphics.

Of course, I should’ve tested the device better after installing an update… but then again, so should’ve the EngineDJ team before pushing out an update.

How did this get past the radar? Are we - the users - your QA department? :pensive:

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The stuttering is an eyesore played at a event last night and the set performance was not good any updates on a possible fix . Engine dj 2.31 / mixstream pro

Hi Everyone,

This issue should now be resolved in Engine DJ v2.3.2.

Download Engine DJ v2.3.2

Please let us know if you still have trouble after updating.

Thank you for your feedback and patience.


@JWiLL - thanks for the update! Glad we were able to share the feedback with you guys and the team got a fix out! I just installed one of my SC6000Ms over the Web and so far the waveforms are scrolling much smoother! I will need to test further through a session but things are looking very positive!

I think the Wifi related stutter has been fixed but the very minor skips that were there from 2.2.2 (or perhaps prior ones) are still there but again very minor and no as noticeable on the eye.


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