Roland TR-6s as Standalone

I’m considering adding a Roland TR-6s to my SC6000m x2 and X1850 rig. Does the midi out from the x1850 work to control the bpm of the TR-6? Also, I’d rather work in standalone mode as opposed to using Serato or VDJ but, will the sync work through those programs as well, if necessary?

Looks like the TR-6s is not serato ready

Ableton link sync works fine. you can buy an akai mpc and connect it with ableton link

How did this go from a Roland specific question to an Akai purchase recommendation?

I have both devices and I found the clearest solution with akai.

More information will not hurt.

Thanks mates. Like Serato, I believe Ableton requires the use of a laptop? My preference is to use the TR-6s without a computer. Would the Midi out from the x1850 serve as a time-clock for the TR-6s in that case?

No - Ableton Link (the sync feature) does not require Ableton Live software. Anything with Link integration can sync with any other Link device.

You can go the the Ableton web site and click the Link link (hehe) to read up on it. They list a lot of apps and hardware on there but it’s not complete. Native Instruments Maschine+ has Link but isn’t listed.

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Excellent PK. I shall check out the Ableton web site.

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Does the X1850 not have Link capability yet?

Apparently not. It’s logical though. The devices need to play something, so the SC decks and the Go, 2 and 4 all have it. The mixers should IMO pass it through to the MIDI output via the LAN ports. I dunno if they do.

I guess I’ll find out when the TR-6s arrives. One of the main reasons I went with Denon, especially the SC6000M and x1850, was the anticipated freedom to rid myself of the laptop and play directly from either a USB stick or the internal drives of the SC’s. That freedom certainly exist but if it’s not possible to also use the midi out from the x1850 to help control the tempo of a drum machine and effects while playing music on the SC’s in sync, then I’m still a slave to the computer (Serato, VDJ, Abelton, etc.) anytime I want to add a drum machine to the rig. Again, disappointing, but that’s more my problem for not doing the research prior to purchasing as opposed to Denon’s.

Did you not read the X1850 manual? It looks to me that the X1850 can send MIDI clock based on the info sent by the players to the FX section, so you don’t need Ableton Link in this case.

BTW have a look at this set from Sebastien Leger Sebastien Leger : @Denon DJ x @Beatport : LINK'd Sessions | Beatport Live - YouTube

Right PK, I saw that in the manual but didn’t know if anyone had tried it to see if it really worked. Sebastien has a lot going on in that video but it looks like he’s able to use the Roland TR-8 with the x1850 without software. Hopefully, the TR-6s works as well. I’ll report back.