Rigt side problems DJ Prime 2

Hi everyone! I’m new to the Denon world. A guy living in my town put an ad (with a good price) for a Denon Prime 2, and I bought it. The controller looks PERFECT, but i encountered two small problems, which I hoped would be resolved after the update. But even after that, they are still there. 1st problem → vinyl function on the RIGHT side: the vinyl button turns on/off regularly, but the RIGHT jog wheel does not go into vinyl mode 2nd problem (partial problem) → pre-listening problem on the RIGHT side: when I cue a track, no pre-listening problems when the track plays; but when I load a track to the right and pre-listen to search (and memorize ) the “beat” at the beginning of the track, i can’t hear anything in the headphones For now I haven’t found other things, but there is certainly an “issue” on the right side of the controller. Has anyone ever heard of these problems? If so, how did you resolve them? I have already notified the seller of these problems, and before taking it back or taking it for repairs I wanted to try to solve them myself. Thanks in advance for your help. F.

I cant answer the first one, not something ive seen before.

but can you clarify on the 2nd one, are you saying you load the track to the deck, then try to pre-listen to it in the library (using the pre-listen function)? Or are you talking about generally not being able to hear the track playing in your headphones at all?

Can you share a video of the problem as im slightly confused as to the exact ssue.

It’s a hardware defect with the platters. Unfortunately it may not be fixable as sending it in for repair will just result in them telling you they don’t have the parts.

With expanded legislation and our push to make sure DJ equipment is included, this could change.

I don’t know where you live, but in Italy we have an excellent assistance center in Bari, they are very professional and fast, and I have never, ever heard of a company as big as Denon giving answers like we don’t have spare parts.

Oh, I was responding to @molombian re: lack of parts. EU is on the forefront of R2R. @BND_738 should be in luck in Italy and maybe @BND_738 can solve the problem without repair. I’m in Florida, USA. There doesn’t seem to be a problem with parts here.

R2R is complicated. What kind of life expectancy should our DJ equipment have? If parts are available and we have the rights to the schematics for 5 or so years, that should help.