Right display denon mcx8000 problema

Hi,My denon Still can’t work anyways,i updated to new version but the right display screen still dont work when i opened serato but all the pads cue and others work,just had a problem on right display,left and right display can be used if using flashdisk,i also tried several times to uninstall and downloaded it back but it doesnt work yet.After i connected usb to my laptop they says"Denon mcx8000:left display" .Please kindly reply me the tips ASAP,Thank you


So he tells me the problem is only with serato and in engine mode works perfect, I had the same problem

First what operating system is using, if it is windows go to device manager and see how the mcx8000 detects if only eg mcx8000 righ display and not both then the problem may be that I had, my controller came with the cable right display disconnected that’s why windows did not detect it, open the computer and connect it was simple and everything worked, of course I’m a graduate of electronics and maybe that’s why I do not bother doing it very much, it’s not necessary advanced knowledge, it’s just removing the top cover of the affected deck and it is easy to check if the cable is connected and if not, reconnect the plug

Greetings and I hope solve the problem

excuse my English

hello, have same problem with freezing of right display. The problem occurs when working in serato and standalone mode too. Installed the latest firmware.

I have the same problem, all firmware are installed at the last version… right display freeze in standalone mode, dont tried in serato mode

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Denon DJ continue to amaze me with this kind of issues and frankly it is embarrassing for their image. If your unit is inside warranty, you are not supposed to open it up. But still, even if the screws are not sealed so you can open the unit, I can’t help myself wondering again: “What’s going on with quality control department?” Give up smoking pot, grab a soda and do a responsible job!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If you are not able to assemble the unit properly in house, better ship the unit wrapped like a puzzle and let the user do the assembly! Fire the irresponsible people in your back yard! My god! I really don’t know what to say anymore!

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Hi all, I’d recommend contacting our Global Support team to see how this can be resolved for you: https://www.denondj.com/support

I sent a request about 10 days ago, but still have not received any response

Can you please PM me the email address you used and I’ll follow up @Arboozer

Hi all,

This year I bought a second hand unit and the seller did not warn me of this problem (in my case, was the left display), I test almost everything (update firmwarev several times, hardreset, etc) without success.

The problem was solved by lowering the brightness level of the screens. Do not set it to 100% brightness, but something lower.

In my case it worked and the screen has not been frozen again.

I hope it will help you.


Hi all

I have been the owner of the Denon MCX8000 since it was released and I have encountered nearly every fault from freezing screens to audio distortion to complete lockout. The issue is not with your laptops it is the controller and Denon know that there is an issue. I visited the Uk repair facility to have mine sorted and was told by the engineer that there is now a Mk2 motherboard and Ram upgrade to resolve the issues. I have mine updated free of charge and now it works perfectly in every way, the old motherboard processor and Ram cannot handle the latest software updates, just like an old slow Pc/tablet can’t run the latest software. Get hold of your local Denon support centres and complain and get them sorted

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You’re about a year late with your “revelations”

Screen freeze ? = denon fixed it on newest model/version release - ask for a swap out unit.

Denon mentioned all this at the time they brought out the new firmware - the v2 motherboard was out in units months before that firmware.


I have an mcx8000 with the latest firmware version installed and I still have the same problem, and the right screen freezes after several minutes of use. I think they should release a new firmware for the MCX8000. Please DENON DJ don’t let him die. HELP!.. @denon

Screens freezing is not firmware based. You’ll need to get some hardware changed by denon to fix it . A firmware release for 8000 if there are any more except for switching on stage link has been said to be very unlikely