RGB waveforms and screen look

Hi Denon Fam. I would be really happy if you can finally add RGB waveforms in P4. This big green, blue waveforms for me is really annoying. For me best screen view would be something like in picture what i uploaded.

And also can you add somwhere in corner on screen clock and multiply language search keyboard, for example, latvian, and cyrilic keyboard. Thank you.


Give the forum a Search. The discussion about what color the waveforms should be has been done to death.

There’s a post in the feature suggestion section that people can vote for, if they want this more than other suggestions or requests

Yes on RGB Waveforms and clock. I’m spoiled, as we get the default keyboard.

Will upvote the original request, though I haven’t been able to find it with a search.

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waveform RGB


Keyboard / Characters





Thanks, I was actually searching in the Prime 4 category for RGB waveforms. Don’t have the SC5000’s anymore.

Guess the Prime 4 will get it if the others get it.

Yes on the clock, I upvoted that a long time ago.

i agree 100%

Some color options would be great on the waveforms. After looking at the same green/blue for so long makes it quite boring after a while.

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This would be very much needed! +++

Can I get a thread bump.

There is a feature request to vote on :+1:t3: