Reverting to top of collection every time I add to playlist

I am trying to organize my playlists, and every time I try to drag a song into a playlist, the collection reverts back to the top of the list as I’ve organized it (In this case alphabetical by song). This means that I must scroll down for the next song after I have dragged the previous song into a playlist. This is a massive hindrance to my workflow and is very annoying. Is there a solution to this?

I am on PC

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I think there’s already a request for change to the software for this - check out the suggestions/feature request section and add one of your 10 forum votes to it

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Reported a long time ago but still not fixed. Unbelievable!


@Vegas . . Drag all your tracks in in any old order. Then as long as your tags are all good click in the title bar at top of tracklist and it will automatically put them alphabetically in either assending or decending order. A pita i know but a quick eady workround

We’ve brought this issue up well over 4 years ago as well. The short answer is there’s no rhyme or reason to anything Denon does regarding updates, and you will never know if they plan on fixing anything.

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Development seems to have ground to a halt. Nothing new for a while now.

Many users said they would prefer more updates on a shorter cycle but it fell on deaf ears.

Bug fixing should be done straight away within reason, no idea what the problem is with in-music but years to fix an obvious issue is unacceptable.


Incredibly annoying issue with a core feature. I reported it ages ago but nothing was done. Extremely disappointing from a customer standpoint.

It’s unclear if Denon really understands what matters to DJs. They just keep adding more features without optimising the existing ones.