Returning back just to find zero to none improvements

Just my experiance with Engine a little on my return to Denon gear.

So I got pair of SC6000 and X1800 (X1850 is nowhere to be found) and started building my collection back from old backup hard drive folders. I wasn’t using denon for 2 years now and SW version number got me believe there was huge leap and improvement in workflow… WRONG… 2 years later after maybe couple estethic updates and background fixes on database, engine dj is still at same ‘‘beta’’ version if you ask me.

  1. It’s asking me for EVERYTHING except when I press delete playlist It just don’t care and on top of that RENAME playlist and REMOVE playlist are one on top of other. WHAT IS THAT!!!


  1. It knows to monitor folders somehow, It knows source of files, but when you insert same file it doesn’t ask you for option (skip or replace), this deletes ALL CUE POINTS ON EXISTING FILE.

  2. By now as most library software you should have more tight integration with platform OS (WIN, macos) folder monitoring, playlists from maps etc. SHAME SHAME SHAME.

  3. Crashes and glitches… I have CTRL+ALT+DEL shortucut on keyboard just because of engine dj

  4. File folder structure on hard drive could be translated to playlist structure instead of packing everything in one folder.

  5. Timelined backup…to autobackup each step of manipulation of database…who backups manually each step

This software should work 99/% of time without issue, spending hours on library just to delete half of collection with single press…

And about hardware, pair of SC6000’s… I don’t know which player has problems with jogs, maybe neither of them are not good as they should be, on one side I have tight platter on other side wobly and without resistance, for sure there is something going on and seller said ‘‘they must break in’’. Anybody has such platter experiance on SC6000?

Man I’m ■■■■■■ off…

yes I got you, but thats why I use the players in stand alone or serato and def not with engine dj.

“Anybody has such platter experiance on SC6000?” use search and you will find