Retrieving playlists

I had a situation where my iMac had to be taken to the shop to reinstall Big Sur and in the process not everything was saved (didn’t have a backup either). So my Engine library was wiped clean. All of that music and many playlists are still on my SD card that I would use in my Prime Go. I’m wondering if there is a way to salvage all those playlists upon importing all my music back into Engine from that SD card.

Not 100% certain but when you plug the SD card in, is there not an option in sync manager to sync from the card back to your computer?

Someone else will chime in with more info than I can provide im sure.

Not without a third-party tool unfortunately.

Engine does not have a function to import playlists. Even from an external drive created in Engine. You can only sync back file changes made on the external back to the original library.