Resync Track Info doesn't work

Running EP 1.3.3 and P4 firmware 1.3.2.

on P4 -> made some cues and loops in my playlist.

back to laptop and confirm those changes were saved on the usb, but Resync Track Info is greyed out.

was thinking it could have something to do with the firmware. i was running the 2nd beta but it’s too glitchy for gigs so i rolled back to 1.3.2.

Make sure the track you are trying to resync isn’t currently loaded in EP.

@JWiLL is there any reason you can see here why Resync Track Info is not available?

Do you have your tracks (folders and playlists) in the EP “Collection”-tab?

yes. (the drive is an export from the library on the laptop, if that’s what you’re asking.)

I earlier used it this way:

iTunes tab - > directly to external HD (I dont have the P4, but the SC5000s so basicly same work-method)

But that did not let me re-sync back to iTunes (obviously)

So when I began to get my tracks more updated with cues, loops, fixing wrong bpms etc, I then created a copy of the iTunes folders in the ‘Crates’-tab, which allows me to re-sync when I have made changes to the tracks on the players. But to my knowledge, if the folders and tracks are in this Tab, then you are able to re-sync.

(Sorry, the tab is called ‘Crates’, not ‘Collection’…)