Restore Database from USB

Hi guys,

I accidentally restored my library from an older backup version. There is no newer backup, only a correct synched SD card with tunes and playlists. As you might know, when I synch the device all of my Playlist going to get deleted. Does anyone know how to reimport the Database data back into engine DJ from this SD card? Is this even possible?

thanks for any help! :heart:

Just take the Engine Library folder directly from your USB drive an make a backup to your computer or another drive. I do this all the time to make fast backups to other drives off my collection

I work directly on my SSD in Engine so I don’t use sync function

Hi touchdown, I used the sync function on the enginedj software to make a back up but not everything copied. I then erased the drive and then i did the drag the engine folder to the back up from the good working drive and i hope all is copied.