Resolume with Prime 4

Forgive me as my Prime 4 is only arriving this week. I am a Video DJ and for years have used either Virtual DJ or Rekordbox Video to play my mp4 music videos (paid for by the way). I would love to leave the laptop if I could but at the moment the only way I can see to play music videos is to use Serato Pro DJ with the Video plugin as VDJ is not fully supported yet. I would love to ditch the laptop completely and, given that the Prime 4 can actually read an mp4 file I was hoping that there could be a way. After a google search or 2 I came across Resolume which I had never heard of before. After watching a couple of video tutorials I am a bit confused - will this just play a video that is being played by the Prime 4? The video clips I saw involved dragging and dropping and linking, whereas I just want to play the file in the Prime 4 and have the software output that video to the screens. Have I misunderstood this or is it able to this? Sorry if its a daft question. Thanks in advance.

Not sure the Prime 4 supports video? :man_shrugging: It might be coming in a future update perhaps

It does not support video. Only the audio from the mp4. I’m not expert in Resolume so I can’t answer you but I guess you will need a computer together with Prime 4. Only a guess. Likewise DMX controlling with Soundswitch.

Resolume is best for doing visuals show, not for djing with typical music videos mp4 (virtual dj, serato + mixemergency, rekordbox video, cross dj etc).

For music video djing i will recommend you to stay with Serato DJ or Virtual DJ (you still have your old controller)

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Thanks - that’s what I thought. Won’t have another controller when this arrives so would need to use Serato I think for those video gigs

If you are on macos, you should have a look at a plug in for serato called Mixemergency. Its much better than Serato Video.

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Gotta use Soundswitch and clips need to be in resolume sadly that requires a computer, tho you can do it all that way

Are you sure that there use soundswitch in this video ?

I don’t see why you can’t use VDJ for this.

The Prime 4 doesn’t need to support video if you’re only using it as a controller, and there is VDJ mapping available. It’s fully functional apart from the Prime 4 screens (currently) - but as you’re using a laptop, you don’t need the screens on the controller.

if you open the read more on the youtube video page theres a link and it takes you to the “stageline q” (sorry not soundswitch) integration and how its set up,