Resolume not pairing with my X1850 and SC6000 Decks

Can anybody help me? I don’t connect my x1850 and sc 6000 with resolume 6 by RJ45 cable or Thunderbolt adaptor

Error No player detected in the Network

Are you using Resolume Arena?

yeah Resolume Arena 6

I’m not sure about this info, but best to check

@Reese ?

Ooff this I don’t know.

MMMM really only this models X1850 and SC6000 is more actually

As a test I installed version 6.1.0 “from a certain source” and can confirm no SC6000 support. Perhaps 7.x does?

Player 3 is a SC5000. Players 1 and 2 should be the SC6000’s.

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I don’t understand that the sc5000 are ok but sc6000 not

Its business.

Best to start two feature request thread to support the units.

Good luck.

Thanks @Reese

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Make sure your copy of Arena is up to date. There have been a few bug fixes since 6.1.2 which corrected issues when utilizing the soundswitch api.

I have 6.1.2 How can I sync with the music?

I am on 7.3.1, but on mine, you go to view. Then select Denon Stagelinq

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As another test I installed 7.2.1 from “another certain source”. All working:

Like Hellnegative already stated go to View > Show Denon StageLinQ

so it works?

Don’t know how Resolume exactly works, but at least I see 6 layers in total.

you have 2 6000s and 1 5000 connected right?

Yes that is correct. So it must be the version number that adds support for the newer units.

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it works then. @KenzoElectronicMusic you need to cut resolume a check for v7


Thank you so much

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