Resolume and prime2 bpm sync

dear guys. There is a problem while I’m using denon dj prime2. When i use network cable connect my prime2 to my computer,i can see all the decks,the title of music,the artwork,etc. However i can’t see the bpm of the master song. How am i supposed to put a vj show connected to the engine os? (plus: i tryed ableton link and it seems that computer controls the bpm,and prime2 lose control)

Ableton link it works in a way that what ever the device was first to setup the link, it will be the master. Try to establish the ableton link on the prime 2 first, then switch it on on the computer afterwards.

I see! Thanks! There’s another problem I want to consult you.It seems that PRIME2 needs to use sync to tell Resolume which track is master track? Is there any way I can link bpm via ableton link without using sync button?

Use sync to set the master, but no need to manually sync tracks between each other. Try different sync configurations and check what works best for You.

EDIT: Start the track before starting Ableton link, then Ableton link on Prime 2 will sync to the BPM of this track.