Resolume 7.3

So I recently bought Resolume to use with my Denon decks and found that the newest version does not allow you to assign denon decks to target layers. I emailed Resolume about this and they notified me that they did not realize it was broke and to use 7.2 until they can fix it.

Can’t be very many DJs using Arena then, I guess.

Not surprising really, considering the cost (compared to Avenue).

IMO it should have been added to Avenue as well, not just Arena.



Not sure why they went with the most expensive product.

And now that they have Arkaos …wonder what’s going to happen with the Resolume partnership.

Luckily both Avenue and GrandVJ have Ableton Link, so for best all round compatibility, Denon just have to add Link to the Prime series. Easy! :grin:

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Apparently this was a Resolume decison rather than a Denon one. They regard it as an “advanced feature”.

And I think it IS an advanced feature ;)… still like you said. It will be interesting how long this partnership will uphold after purchasing Arkaos.

Does it work? I tried 7.0, 7.2 and 7.3… and nothing.

I have not used it in a while- but will test soon----it did work when I last used it