Reset track to default state (undo all edits and cue points)

If I load a track to a deck and make changes such as adding cue points, editing the beat grid etc., these changes remain when I reload it. They only disappear when I power the unit off and on again.

I can see how it is helpful to retain the changes, but at the same time it would be nice to be able to ditch them all and start with the track in it’s “original” (still analysed, but how it loaded when then the unit has just powered on) state.

I can’t see how to do this though, can anyone advise please?

Hi Glove, you posted this topic in the Engine DJ part of the forum meant for topics about the desktop software while you are obviously talking about a issue you are having a hardware unit.

It would be helpful (to say the least) to say what unit are you using, what source you are using to play tracks from and if you have any storage attached to the unit (usb, sd card, ssd drive,…)

You can cancel Hot Cues and Loops by pressing SHIFT + the key assigned to that loop or Hcue.

Instead, to cancel your editing on the grid, you can press the RESET button found in the section:

Hi Slay, thanks for responding.

It’s actually on a Numark Mixstream Pro. I have a USB flash drive attached.

Thanks DjAj. That’s helpful, although I wondered if there was a way to just reset everything in one go.

No, this is not possible.

In what scenario will you like for track to return to its pre-hot cue state?

Delete the database

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