Reset the engine prime library

hello everybody I have a problem and I would like to solve it, I updated all the tags of my tracks, so I inserted all the exact covers of my tracks in itunes after a great work, and therefore also in the folders where I have the tracks I have all the right covers in every file, the real problem is that I open engine prime I update the itunes library and see all the covers in the tracks, at this point I import all itunes playlists both in crate and in playlist, the problem that some covers disappear both in the crate that in the playlists of engine in the collection, even when I export to a usb drive some disappear, but there is another problem, once they disappeared from the engine library, in that of itunes there are all and I can no longer reinsert them in the engine , I also tried deleting all the playlists and crates from the collection of engines, and reinserting them by updating the itunes library, but once they disappeared they no longer appear, the only way and uninstall re engine prime and reinstall, but after a while everything comes back like before, I would like to get all the right covers in the first 4, you’ll take me for a madman but I’d like to do it, thanks to those who help me,

Hey :wave:

Do you have your playlists in iTunes?

If you do and don’t mind redoing them then follow

Rename the ENGINE LIBRARY folder you find in MUSIC FOLDER on your computer

Rename the ENGINE LIBRARY folder on your external DRIVE as well

You can call it “ENGINE LIBRARY BACKUP 2019”

Restart the EP

You will not have any crates

and Refresh ITunes library in EP

Then copy your playlists over again from ITunes

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thank you very much tomorrow I try

Where would a person find this thing you call an Engine Prime folder in the Music Folder on your computer? I just spent a full day updating everything hoping to find this folder in a MUSIC App on my Mac. It didn’t. The only library listed is “iTunes,” So much for smart technology.