Reset Pitch Slider? - Sync vs. Manual

Something weird is happening.
I have a track playing normally on Deck 1, I cue up another track in Deck 2 for mixing.
I’m using my pitch slider on Deck 2 to beat match, but it’s also affecting Deck 1, meaning Deck 1 is also changing up/down even though I’m only trying to “manually” adjust Deck 2.
Anyone encounters this?
I’m also noticing the same thing happening even when is sync mode.
Why is it when I adjust the incoming track it’s affecting the other Deck tempo/speed/bmp/etc.?

Any help/insight would be greatfull.

If you have sync active, the device will be trying to keep the tracks synchronised. You need to de-activate sync in order to stop this happening.

I will double check, but I’m very familiar with when Sync is on or not, it’s just seems weird to me that if sync is one on Deck 1 and Deck 2, adjusting Deck 2 should not be speeding up/down Deck 1 (the track playing live out the speakers) I would expect Deck 2 to be doing the adjusting.
This is not my first controller. I’ve had many over the years starting with the DN-2000. :slight_smile:
Maybe it just takes some getting used to, or maybe I’m doing something wrong and I need to be more precise/double check the sync buttons are off/on.
Thanks for the feedback

It does sound exactly like a symptom of having sync active, which device are you using? … if sync isnt active and its doing that then it sounds like it could be a bug.

what will happen, when you change the sides? Is “lead” activated?

As @STU-C described it sounds like that the sync function is working.

Is it still happen when you deactivate “sync”?

Good luck and brgds BeatMaster