Reset Failure and platter screen fail

Hi Everyone, I’ve been loving my players until now.

One of the players has multiple failures, resetting it’s self to the source select screen over and over with no warning in the middle of a set and also throwing up an error message that says “The following peripherals did not come online during boot - SC5000 Display (00.21)” I can click update FW or Ignore and both crash the device.

Firmware is the latest version.

The retailer - DJ Kit can’t help as it’s out of warranty by a couple of months and I called Inmusic Brands who want to charge me to repair the unit.

I feel utterly ripped off having spent a lot of money on a premium player, only for it to fail a couple of months over the pitifull year warranty in what is clearly software/hardware malfunction.

Has anyone had either of these issues and had them rectified? I’ve been a massive advocate of these players and now I’m kinda wishing I’d just stuck with Pioneer.

Have you tried going back to a earlier version when updating? (Just to see if it has any effect)

A 12 month warranty should last for - well, 12 months. I’ve had times where I’ve had the argue the point that some gadget or car or satellite box or laptop was a week or a fortnight out of the stipulated warranty and in most cases the companies have stuck solidly to the letter in their warranty., Even fluttering my eyelids at them on skype didn’t help lol

Its a shame that anything ever goes wrong or ever needs attention but It’s just gonna be a case of paying to get it fixed as it is out of warranty

You can use consumer rights, arguing that it isn’t fit for purpose. They have a scale for the expected lifespans of items. Try Citizens Advice.

Thanks to all for the replies.

Just in case you have this sort of issue I can confirm that InMusic Brands customer support was really good. A little slow to start, but took details of the error, sent me the shipping info (I had to pay for shipping the unit to them) then repaired and returned the unit without charging me as it was found to be a manufacturer error.

The problem was described as “a loose screw on the MCU heatsink, causing the CPU to come loose and/or overheat”

Happy to have my players back working again.

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i just got a set and one of mine is doing this right now, I will have to call in.

My SC5000 started brewing after 3 months. This week it was only

Is your outlet grounded?

Of course there is grounding. Already two weeks is in service

I can’t think why it would have any heat building up. After all, you’ve left the back and the top open for venting. Only the underside, front, left and right are blocked from ventilation.

The case on the sc5000 is made so that the bottom side vents are not obstructed. They have 2 cm of free space. I will only add that it restarts also when I don’t have it in the case