REQUEST Missing tracks filter

There is no option to filter missing tracks in in the engine library. Now you must manually scroll through the whole colletion and find missing tracks (RED),

Can you please add a button somewhere to find all missing tracks?

If so, maybe also implement a relocate option.

Thanks in advance


Yep agree, this is something very basic and needs to be implemented

There is a feature request for missing tracks. Your can vote for it.

Relocate Missing Tracks - Engine DJ (Desktop)


@s.fresh I think it might be worth it for the team to look into the option of adding an extra column with File missing yes/no , while the bigger request is under development as interim solution/workaround

@addie jep, so many user here in this thread has good and simple idea for implement this feature since nov 2021. But we only can pray.

We’ve been asking for this feature for 5 years…I think everyone gave up requesting it.