Reproducible error in prime 4

when you press the Sync button for a couple of seconds the track stop,

can you check it?

to know if it is a fault of my equipment or it is a generic error, thanks

Strange one.

Holding sync should instant double (from memory).


right, it duplicates, but it pauses, it’s a bit strange

Is Your jog wheel turning white in that moment?

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answering your question… It doesn’t go blank! it stays the same color.

I’ll try to explain the error: When I have a song playing on track A and track B stopped, when I press the Sync button on track B, it starts playing in instant doubles mode, that’s correct and normal, but the error is when the Sync button is pressed a couple of seconds from track A, the player is on and surprisingly, the song stops and returns to the Cue (sometimes, it stops using the Vinyl brake mode, as if the play/play button was pressed). pause).

** Summary of the failure, press the Sync button of the track that is working for two seconds and the song stops. Thank you

true, it is like that… but if you press the sync button of the player that is paused… but if you press the sync button of the player that is playing, the song that is playing stops