Replacing Female USB port

Hello guys,

Has anyone replaced a USB port? I accidently left a USB stick in USB 1 and it has. Bent the port and needs to be replaced.

Just seeing if anyone has done it yet and if it is an easy DIY job?

Thanks in advance

Not sure how it is build in the player. If it is a separated circuit board, you would need just to replace this board.

If not, and you have to replace the part on the existing PCB, it isn’t that easy:

  • You need the exact same USB port part, matching exactly the pads on the PCB
  • If you have bad luck, you have to repair the PCB if some pads are damaged
  • To desolder you need rather good equipment and experience, otherwise chance is you will create more damage to your device

I would advise to find someone who can do this for you.

Usb B port is sitting on the main board in prime devices. It is a 4 pin + 2 pins on both sides that hold the socket if usb 2, way more pins if usb 3. It would be easier if You would tell us what device You want to fix…?

Front usb on sc5000/6000 players is a separate pcb.


Sorry forgot to mention it is a denon prime 4 i have

Has anyone got an image or part no to hand of usb ports which are used for denon prime 4?

A cheap and easy work around would be to use a USB hub into USB 2 and plug additional USBs into the hub