Replacement Faders and loose fader caps

hello, anyone know where replacement faders for the x1800 can be purchased? Also I have a loose fader cap on the flex fader that I can’t seem to get tight, any suggestions on getting a snug fader factory fit?

I asked that question way back when. I want(ed) different type faders in the mixer, but they are probably not easy changeable. For now I changed only the fader caps for vertical ones (like a studio mixdesk).

The crossfader should be easier to change entirely. I did not change the cap on the crossfader btw, but will probably take it out completely in the future. Just need a nice and somewhat same looking piece of metal.

Anyone know where i can purchase a replacement fader? Just want to have a spare one if needed.

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too… thanks :blush:

I think channel fader replacement is difficult, because it seems to be soldered on a PCB. I would like it to be a better version of a channel fader: TKD or ALPS brand.

Cross fader would be no problem and looks to be replacable.

Fader caps I did already replace with vertical (studio console like) knobs.

yes, i am referring to buying an additional cross fader. It’s replaceable from what the user manual says.

I would like a DenonDJ blind panel for the crossfader to take it completely out!!

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would like that too !!

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i might be in need of that, too. the problem i described there ( might be caused by the channel fader.

The faders of X1800 are soldered to the top control board. There is no way for easy reach to them without taking apart almost a whole mixer.

i don’t care. a soldering iron is no stranger to me and i replaced faders for quite some analog mixers.

or what’s the “official” way to replace a fader?

Normally You need to send the mixer to Denon service. They don’t want you to do it yourself.

indeed, i didn’t find spare faders anywhere. that’s not good and the first time i was not able to find faders for a mixer :neutral_face:

it’s not only that sending it in after the warranty is over is likely more expensive, but also takes a lot longer. doing it myself though maybe takes an hour instead of weeks.

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of course for pro use it is impossible to send the mixer to service anytime some faders are gone. It looks like that the inbuilt faders have a very low MTBF.

Would be great, if Denon tells us the specs to make replacements with pro quality faders possible.

Unfortunately the channel faders are soldered on the PCB. Personally, I call those kinds of faders never professional.

It doesn’t really need to in a VCA world, but I just expect the sturdy TKD, K-Alps or P&G in a pro unit.


I have stumbled over a similar (older) thread recently, it was about some people reporting that their linefaders broke literally and that replacements are difficult due to the soldering.

There was another thread about a request for the Prime 4 to enable swapping channels 3/4 with 1/2 when operating in 2ch-view, or in other words, giving users the options to either operate with ch 1/2, 3/4 or 1/2/3/4. This would help to distribute wear & tear of the faders and knobs more evenly, rather than putting extra stress on ch 3/4. In vertical waveform mode it would simply display decks 1/2 on the outsides then (the browse list remains in the center).