Replacement cable

I recently purchased an SE 2 Live from a reseller. The controller output cable was missing-just the wall cable was included.Can anybody tell me the make and model number of a suitable replacement?

Standard USB A-B cable like for a printer will work just fine.

Thanks, but this would not work as it is the power adapter that connects to the 2nd cable connecting to the wall that is missing

So You need a power input, not a controller output…

Contact your retailer and explain the issue, they should be sourcing a replacement for it if its new.

What I need is the 12v 3a adapter cable. E-Mailed customer service-surprise surprise no reply

Have you spoken to your retailer?

I contacted the retailer Idj now yesterday. They are requesting a replacement.Hopefully they will get one.I don’t have a lot of faith in Denon.

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Retailers have a direct line and much more sway than a consumer so you should be fine.

Finally resolved. After 3 E-Mails and 1 chat from me, and 2 E-Mails from the dealer, Denon will replace the cable.