Replace X1700 with X1850 mixer with new Sc600

At this moment my setup consists of 2x S3700 and an X1700 mixer. I have never had any problems with them in all years. A great kit. Still, I plan to upgrade my set. I would like to purchase 2 SC 6000’s but I have doubts about replacing the mixer. I know the x1850 and x1700 mixers are from different generations.

Do I have to replace the X1700 with an X1850 when I start using the SC6000? What will I miss if I continue to use the X1700 in combination with the Sc6000’s?

I have read the technical specifications and both manuals, but what does it mean in practice? is the integration between the X1850 and SC6000 so strong that upgrading to the X1850 is necessary?

Your thoughts on this?

You have no ethernet Link, and so your FXs will not be synced. But you can use the SC6000 also with every normal mixer.

The x1850 is better in technical whise.

If money is the the matter, then use your X1700 until you get enough to upgrade your x1700, too.

You will have fun with SC6000 though :wink:

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Buy a Prime mixer with the players. Don’t sell your X1700, though.

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The X1700 was an amazing device (same for the X1600 considering its price) for its time, and still is. You can still link your Prime decks together directly with one LAN cable. Otherwise the X1800/1850 would have acted as HUB and enabled some features like quantized beat effects, RGB-colored Cue-Buttons (irrelevant if you’re not a heavy layer user) and pre-listening of the track in the track browser.

Go with the 6000s first and enjoy your setup. Then decide if you go with the mixer as well, or keep your current one.

according to @Reticuli the 1700 sounds better

Assuming you also like the sound of isolators, which can’t bypass on the 1700’s channels. The 1700 is audiophile kit through and through, otherwise – the processing on it, the analog input and output sections, the power supplies – hard to see how old Denon was actually making money on that thing. If you own one, you probably shouldn’t sell it.

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@DJDark @Reticuli @SORAR @joxani thank you all for your thoughts on my questions. I made my choice and bought the SC6000 (2x) and the X1850. I took my X1700 to the store and compared it to the X1850. I have tested both mixers with the SC6000. I experienced the most difference between the mixers in terms of integration: beat-synced effects, coloured cue LEDs and the color of the housing itself. In my opinion the effects on the X1850 sounded more accurate and better (more subtile). To be honest, I couldn’t perceive the difference in the overall sound quality. I did not hear it. Both sounded very pleasant. The whole experience convinced me to purchase the whole kit.

The only thing I like more about the X1700 is the sound quality of the headphone output. The maximum volume of the X1850 is much higher than that of the X1700, but the X1700 sounds much more pleasant.

I’m not going to sell the X1700 anyway. It can be used as a spare mixer and I can use it for other applications. The sound and build quality of the X1700 are still great. My doubts / considerations were not only about money, but also about reusability of a device that still functions excellently and that I enjoy a lot.

Once again, thank you!




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