Replace echo effect in mic 1 & 2

It is possible replace the echo effect to reverb effect in mic 1 & 2?

If fx are important to you, and perhaps things like better mic EQ (4-band parametric), phantom power, better gain options, a mic channel fader and a fully configurable compressor and reverb, then you might consider adding a small PA mixer, the AG03 by Yamaha, to your setup. There is an AG06 model as well if you need two mics with reverb. Oh and of course it comes with Yamaha’s studio quality D-Pre mic preamps. Way better (sorry Denon) than anything you would find in a controller.

Just my two cents as usual. I am not endorsed by Yamaha in any way. Just a happy AG03 user.

Ok… Another and the last question… It is possible redirect microphone 1 XLR to traktor pro 2! Thanks you so much!

I know they changed the behavior of the usb routing on mk2 from mk1 (which I had).

There seem to be quite a few issues with mic usage in combination with recording. I have that tackled by using a Yamaha AG03 (webcasting) mixer which I actually use during gigs as well as a backup piece of gear.