Repair buttons / Replace buttons

Hello everybody,

my MC7000 is already a few days old and now the problems of usage are slowly starting to come. I should replace a few buttons or repair if possible. They are plastic buttons, maybe a strong glue helps. How do I get to the buttons? Is it enough to remove the front panel or do I have to work from the back? Maybe someone has the same problem and has already swapped various buttons. Too bad that you still installed hard plastic buttons and not made of rubber. Denon has installed rubber buttons on the MC6000. They were good…

greeting Franky

Hello I bought those of my MCX8000 here, if I remember correctly they are the same of the mc7000


Hi @Franky, thanks for posting. Please contact our tech Support team for assistance, by filling this Support Form, as you MC7000 is only a few days old and under warranty.

I think some just must be really unlucky with the buttons. Ive had mine nearly 2years now, and use it almost daily. And they are still working great. I must admit, i dont hit them though, im quite gentle with it.