"Remove track from collectin" menu item not available (on Mac)

I am using the latest version of EngineDJ on MAC. Everything is on its latest version.

I am cleaning up my library with the EngineDJ software on Mac.

In many cases cannot remove a track from my Collection. I want to completely remove the track from the collection. (And as a consequence from all playlists.)

Right click → Remove from collection is “not always” available.

This is not always reproducible. In some cases it works. I had cases where the right-click context menu entry was not there. And then a few clicks later, then it was there.???

I’ve found that accessing playlists from the ‘drives’ menu usually means that option isn’t there.

If using the main collection tree it allows.


I found the reason: The currently loaded track can’t be removed from collection. Once you load another track the menu item in the right click menu reapears.

Kinda makes sense. Just not intuitive.

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