Remove motherboard

Hey guys, i cant remove my motherboard on my prime4. It seems stuck where those black pins are. Do someone knows how to do it?

Did You removed fader caps and screws off the potentiometers?

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Thanks for your reaction. Not sure what you mean. I screwed everythink off op the front side

The fader caps will stop you from removing the board.

Thanks bro, but didnt work.

It think this black plugs are the issue

No, this is soldered. Take of Knob caps and check if the EQ knobs and other knobs are screwed to the faceplate. The plastics that You showed up on the photo are parts of the soldered elements. Not removable without un-soldering.

Thanks! And what do i need to take of on side of the decks?

Why you actually want to do that?

My question would be primarily: Are you certain you’d want to undertake this yourself with all these questions? :upside_down_face:

(Zomaar een vraag hè) :+1:t2:

I underestimated the job. Normally im quite handy. My warranty is expered. A lot of things needed to replaced. Both play and cue buttons needs to be replaced. Fader channel 1 broke and the view button and beatjumps where loose. Also 1 headphone output didnt work

Hi. I have had a bit of a go at removing on of my boards in my prime 4 due to a sticky cue button and gave up when I think what was holding me back is disconnecting the central platter. The rest of my board was feeling like it was good to go. Normally the items that need to be removed are indicated by an arrow pointing to a screw hole, but those black pegs are not marked. If they are what is holding it down still, they would be a pinch together, or a twist but looking at your pics I don’t think either applies. I spent ages trying to find a service manual on line, but to no avail sadly. Good luck and let me know how you get on

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Thanks a lot! Meanwhile i me removed the middle motherboard and replaced the faders

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I was able to fix the cue on the left deck and put a new fader on. But i cant remove the right motherboard. It looks like a black box blocks is

. Do you know what to do?

This is a ferrite filter. It is glued to the plastic probably.

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Thank you! I could easily removed it

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