Remove duplicate song files from Prime 4 Internal

I have an SSD (1T) installed. I am trying to organize my library. I have multiples of the same songs. How do I delete them? I don’t want any multiples in there at all. ZERO. The only instruction I see is how to move files to different playlists or crates. I don’t want that. I need to trash them. They don’t all have all the Serato cues, loops etc. It’s just junk. Junk junk junk!

My library is top notch… as long as I can trash these unwanted duplicates, triplicates and quadruplets. Please help.

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Where are you seeing the duplicates? On the prime 4 or in Engine Prime ?

I hope you are aware that if you have music on the P4 drive and same music on your laptop drive, engine prime library will show the content of both drives if you have the P4 connected

I use dupeguru it’s open source to find duplicates

The multiples are on the Denon Prime 4. I put them there. Couldn’t figure out how/why the Serato cues, loops were only on some. So I redid them. Tried again. And then it never made sense. One time I had 200 songs in multiple crates transfer perfectly. I got happy. Did some more. No such luck after that. It’s a total mess. I don’t have any duplicates in my libraries other than Denon 4 hard drive. ITunes is perfect (one of everything), Serato is perfect (1 of everything, marked, cued, looped, labeled). Engine Prime is “perfect” (no duplicates or corrupt/list files). I just can’t seem to learn how to get the sh*#! into Denon 4 cleanly.

+Laptop is disconnected.


I would do it a bit more manually. Copy the music to the P4 Drive, open engine prime, let it do the scan and analysis. Eject and close. Reboot the P4 and see what happens.

This is a recipe for Duplicates if one is not careful.

@RadioAnna reformat the prime 4 drive

  • In your laptops music folder , rename or archive the Engine Library Folder.

  • Now start up Engine prime

  • You should see an empty library

  • Go to the serato tab

  • Update serato library

  • Select all

  • Right click > Add to collection

  • Repeat for individual crates (but add the crates, not the content)

  • Collection tab > Analyse all

  • Connect your P4 and transfer your tracks to it,

Nope, did that, no duplicates at all.

I know, I have a drive with the files I manage manually as well.

There are many instances where you can end up with duplicates

  1. Downloading the same song twice or thrice direct to the drive. This happens to me frequently as I often use dj pools and sometimes they update a track making it pop up as recently added which I may think hmmm maybe I don’t have this version. Only for me to find I already have it.

Or it may even be the same track from different pools

  1. Say your main music is on Internal and you copy over a folder or batch of songs to the prime drive twice. Like he did.

The straight to drive music method is for folks who know exactly what they are doing.

For users who want no issues, I will still suggest using Engine Prime to export.

Thank you very much for your detailed help. I’m not about to start over at this point. I just want to delete the duplicates. I haven’t given up. It’s such a simple thing. It must be so obvious. I’m going to pretend I’m not stressed and look at it again. I have a 13-year old kid. I can load up a bad Megadeth or Guns n Roses song and task him with helping me delete it. He’ll be motivated.


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There is no way to bulk remove duplicates in Engine Prime.

If you use a duplicate finder app on the 1tb SSD you may end up with a broken database - missing file situation eg dupeguru or similarly

I can’t see anyway around this bar wiping the 1TB SSD and starting afresh

Let’s see if @JWiLL can help?

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I did some time ago a feature request for this issue:


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