Removal of unused tracks

Hi all,

perhaps I’m missing something and you can point me to the right way:

I’m cleaning my library a bit and remove songs via the context menu in Engine (2.3.2 OSX). The laptop drive says 2010 songs… Now I connect my Prime 2 in computer mode with the internal SSD showing up in Engine. Selecting it shows 2312 songs. I select the internal drive, open sync manger and hit SYNC. A warning shows up that there are tracks unused and if I am sure and want to continue. Hit YES. Engine does its thing and playlists are updated. But the unused songs that are in no playlist anymore stay on the Prime internal drive, the song count doesn’t change.

Is there a way to get the unused tracks automatically removed or do I need to reformat the internal drive when I’m done with the cleanup and do a fresh sync?

Thanks in advance and have a good Sunday…