Remote Socket at rear?

What is the Remote socket for on rear of SC5000? Is there some remote control features available or is some new cable / equipment required?

It’s a standard 3.5mm jack socket for use with mixers which have the same 3.5mm “remote” socket. (Not required for the x1800 which has network cable linking) Sometimes also known as “Fader Start” - no music passes through that cable, just connection.

The process is, with the cable connected between mixer and deck, as you lift the mixer fader from zero, the deck will start playing, as if someone pressed “Play” on the deck.


What is the shema for connect the jack ? I have try but nothing

I don’t have the denon mixer

If you are trying to ground various combinations of tip, ring and sleeve, that won’t work. The players react on a change of voltage. You can probably find some schematics on line on how to drive this, but you will be out of warrantee territory if your home-brew device accidentally frys the player.

Maybe if we take a step back and if you could explain what you’re trying to accomplish bigger picture wise, we may find another solution for you.

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Almost no one uses it. It’s just a legacy feature everyone puts on players. You’re not missing out on anything special if your mixer doesn’t have the function. You’d probably never bother with it.

Even if I do not use it is an option that is in the features and that ultimately does not work. thank you denon

All it does is play/pause based on fader or crossfader. I did not say it didn’t work.

3,5mm mono jack cable. Always been.

For those of you who never used it you can look at this video (cable on 2:30)

Cudos to Denon DJ for including both the remote socket (for compatibility with older Denon, Pioneer and other mixers that have it) and fader start over Engine Link.