Reloop RP‑8000 MK2 dvs with the prime 4

Hi. Iv connected 2 Reloop RP‑8000 MK2s with my prime 4 which work perfect with my old vinyls, but I can’t seem to get my serato control vinyls to show up on my serato while my prime 4 is in serato mode.

Iv purchased the dvs expansion pack and still nothing.

I have one but I’ve never tried to use it with DVS.

Is the plugin fully authorised and turned on in the expansion screen? Do you see any input from the control vinyl in the scopes under the Serato DJ settings?

The Reloops are plugged in on the phono channels on the Prime 4, aren’t they?

Iv gone for the expansion pack subscription which states it includes dvs. I can select tracks and use all the pads on my reloop through serato but when I put my control vinyl on it doesn’t show up in the settings for some reason.